Offers - Industrial parks DEGA - RUSSIA

Offers - Chain of industrial parks DEGA - RUSSIA

In its own chain of industrial parks DEGA market company offers land on the territory of Russian Federation with ready utilities.

The chain DEGA industrial parks are: Moscow region, Tula, Tambov, Ulyanovsk region, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar region.

Land acquisition transactions in industrial parks DEGA are absolutely transparent and fully correspond the international legal standards.

«Turnkey» construction is offered on the selected land of the industrial park DEGA of:

  • industrial buildings,
  • logistics facilities,
  • greenhouses,
  • data centers,
  • warehouses of any size,
  • technological facilities for the full conducting business in Russia.

Putting into operation the production facilities, subsequent maintenance and management on the secured area of ​​the industrial park is fulfilled by the qualified company with European management and a decade of practical experience in Russia. For ten years we have successfully placed in Russia forty well-known foreign companies. Your business in Russia will have a solid and pleasant surrounding.

Our practice shows that at the certain stages of development your business in Russia, initiator of the project (resident of the industrial park) requires various types of qualified support. We are always ready to help you.

If necessary DEGA market helps the client in obtaining tax benefits, recruitment, equipment installation, landscaping, and other issues not related to the core business of the potential resident of the industrial park.

Our client can focus on core business by delegating the process of construction and production start - DEGA team of professionals, substantially reducing time line and financial risks.

Dega market offers unique solutions for sale of the industrial warehouse facilities under the "lease-purchase" programm allowing the client start operations with a lower initial investment.

Substantial investment may be fulfilled after start of production.

Land in industrial parks DEGA fully comply the requirements of the industrial warehouse facilities and is equipped with all necessary communications.

To the factors of success in business development in industrial parks DEGA refer:

- strategic location, convenient for the logistics and distribution

- reliable technical and legal evaluation

- coordinated plan for the territory and all approvals

- decentralized infrastructure.

Land in DEGA industrial parks has asphalted road, fenced secured area, parking space for motor transport, as well as all the necessary communications: electricity, heating, water supply, drainage, fire extinguishment and so on.

Any building in DEGA industrial parks possible to rent, buy or use a special leasing program on favorable terms.

Constructed objects on the territory of DEGA industrial parks can be easily transformed according to additional requirements of the client. For example, change of the permited load on the floor, overhead crane, increased electric power or water consumption, separate entrance, facing works. Knowledge of building codes and standards provide the European quality and commissioning precisely in terms specified in contracts.

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Develop your business in Russia - welcome the chain of industrial parks DEGA!