Private industrial parks DEGA GROUP - is a modern site for the construction and development of your business in Russia

For 10 years of work in Russia we have gained valuable practical experience that will serve you when building new enterprises in the industrial park - we have successfully placed more than 40 well-known companies such as: BAYER AG, METRO GROUP, ORIFLAME, ROTO FRANK AG, DUFA-Meffert AG, MacDonald's, Leroy Merlin and others.

On the territory of Russia, Dega Market Company offers plots of land at your choice according to the required area in its own network of industrial parks, with a developed modern infrastructure and convenient logistics.

DEGA industrial parks chain is:

  • Moscow,
  • Moscow region, 
  • Tula region,
  • Tambov region,
  • Ulyanovsk region,
  • Yekaterinburg region,
  • Krasnodar region.

Variants of placement in industrial parks suggest optimal location based on proximity to the distribution areas and availability of labor with different qualification.

Purchase, rental, leasing of land are possible in Russian network of industrial parks DEGA. All transactions are completely legal, transparent and open. It has always been. These are our principles.

In any of the industrial parks DEGA MARKET  you immediately will be provided with the cheap, high-quality electrical energy, ready available heat energy, water treatment plants, water, roads, and internet connection.

All industrial parks are guarded 24 hours, continuous video monitoring.

By your request, and agreed technical task, DEGA MARKET can build industrial buildings, offices, warehouses, processing facilities on the territory of the industrial park.

This service - build-to-suit, we provide to all companies-residents, according to their own requests. As a result, in Russia we have built "turnkey" more than 500,000 m² of buildings and premises of industrial, warehouse and office use. This service is build-to-suit is not binding.

Construction time is strictly enforced — quality level of our work is European.

Permitions and construction coordinations is responsibility of DEGA MARKET  - a resident has a fully final product.

It is possible to install production equipment and internal repairs - fit-out.

There are professional managing companies in the industrial parks DEGA MARKET, whose main task is fully meet the needs of domestic resident companies.

Managing companies provide electricity, heating and water supply.

The scope of the managing company of the industrial park also includes cleaning, roads and underground utilities repair.

Therefore, residents of our industrial parks are in a comfortable living conditions and focused only on their own business.

All resident companies of DEGA MARKET industrial parks are successful in business and deliver their products on the attractive Russian market, and beyond it - export it to European and Asian countries, including China.

Become more successful, stable and strong company with us! 

Welcome to the Russian chain of industrial parks DEGA! 


We speak English, German and Russian languages.